Friday, July 11, 2008

The Beggining of the End

This past December Venezuela said NO!. President Chavez wanted to change the Constitution to a document where bureaucracy would by legal, where the government would own the new children coming to the world and their parent would not have a single right over them until they are eighteen.

This December Venezuela said: "Enough is enough" Chavez era has to end, Venezuela needs a change of prosperity. Chavez is not the answer.

Since then polls have shown that Chavez is currently in his worst moment since he proclaimed himself as President.

Socialism is not the future and Venezuela wants democracy.

Venezuela Speaks

The idea of not having freedom of speech in Venezuela have literally angered the people on this country. On April 11, 2003 more than a million people from all over the country got together in the streets of Caracas to fight against the communism, against poverty, and Chavez.

Venezuela wants to be free again, they make the mistake of choosing a Dictator as a president and now Chavez wants to have the option of reelection to be eternal. They are fighting for freedom. Venezuela and its people are fighting for its future.

Venezuela is a free country, it should stay that way,

Justice in Communism

Leopoldo Lopez is one of the new faces of the opposition. He is currently being held to run for mayor in Caracas. He is supposedly being held because of a case where he was illegally accused about 5 years ago. He is now a leader of democracy and a role model for future generations that are growing up in a cynical society that has brainwash Venezuelan people to believe in corruption and bureaucracy.

He is definitely a sign of progress for the people that believe in freedom of speech, people that want to succeed in like because of hard work and not because of how you know or what last name you have.

Leopoldo Lopez is a sign of a bright future in Venezuela

A New Leader

The opposition in Venezuela has come up with different new faces. One of new faces is Yon Goicoechea. He is a Law Student in the Andres Bello Catholic University and has become the biggest asset of the opposition because of that he has also become the biggest enemy of the Chavez administration.

His attitude and actions have recently awarded him with the 2008 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty. But seeing Yon on the stage with a huge troupe of Venezuelan students who had traveled to the US for the award, all decked in Venezuelan flags and the t-shirts and symbols (a white hand) of the opposition was truly moving. The standing ovation was spontaneous, sustained, and an expression of solidarity for young people who have shown courage and perseverance in the face of an emerging fascist dictatorship and who have given hope to their generation and to their elders, too many of whom had resigned themselves to being bullied, silenced, and oppressed.

Love and Hate....

Venezuela and Colombia are two of the richest countries in the world. The president of Venezuela has become an issue to a lot of countries because of his socialist point of view when it comes to society. Being right next to each other, these two presidents have so much interests in common that they have being forced to put their differences aside and have a meeting to negotiate future business.

Since Colombia has accomplished a lot of things with the recent recovery if Ingrid Betancourt from the FARC, President Chavez has being forced to make big adjustments like giving out cars and computers to the Venezuelan people even dough he has always being against it.